Post-it your Customer-Journey

Personal interviews are an effective way to gain empathy for customers and their customer journey: What do customers experience and – most importantly – why? What points of contact do they have? Which information sources do they use? Where are problems and what runs ok? Without answers to these and many more questions it will …

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Product Concepts und Ideation

Preconditions for successful ideation and concept work

Innovation requires great ideas. Luckily, we don’t have to rely on fuzzy brainstorming sessions anymore but have a much more sophisticated method set at hand. Design Studio for example allows us in only 2-3 hours to explore many more ideas compared to brainstorming sessions AND collaboratively develop the best ideas into a tangible prototype. Design …

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agiler Taschenrechner Calculator

Agile Cost Accounting

Developing online products is expensive. Once the concept has been defined, a calculation for developing a small product might look like this: persons in dev team 6 days development x 60 EUR per person and day x 600 EUR development costs = 216,000 In view of such amounts possible ways to cut costs will be …

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Achtung vor der Umsatzfalle bei agiler Produktentwicklung

The Revenue Trap

Revenue and profit pressure can be used in appositive, productive way. It potentially helps to concentrate on stuff that really matters, to quickly go through the phase of product/market fit and to realize a truly scaling business model. In big enterprises however this pressure often turns into the very opposite, becoming a long-term problem that …

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Featuritis - Wann ist genug genug?

Featuritis: When is enough enough?

It seems to be some kind of natural law that leads to an exponential feature growth on websites over time. This exponential curve is mainly driven by budget planning circles regularly emphasizing the need to create hockey-stick-like revenue streams. But even without any revenue pressure, product managers are creative enough and want to be “productive” …

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Same Same but Different

Agility: Same same but different

Sometimes product managers are tempted to enviously look back to the good old times of waterfall. The world was still simple and easy. Product managers sat at their desks, documenting their plan in a PRD, then handed it over to the developers and before long the next PRD was written. In the meantime one was …

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UX der Kundenanwalt

Customers’ Advocate UX vs. Bad Business

We meet surprisingly many UX people who are dissatisfied with the way UX works in their companies. And vice versa, surprisingly many companies are not satisfied with how UX works for them. One of the first questions we usually get is how an organizational structure and processes should look like to integrate UX successfully in …

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Agile Produktentwicklung

Agile and Lean is for everyone!

The promise for revolutionary mobility in the 1980s had a name “Sinclair C5”. Innovator Sir Clive Sinclair developed this electric vehicle, and Hoover, better known for vacuum cleaners, took over sales and distribution. This thing was from another galaxy: super innovative and super cool. But somehow only a few would buy a C5. For a …

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Systems Thinking und Produktentwicklung

Innovation requires the whole system

Implementing innovative ideas in large enterprises often feels like fighting windmills. Employees may be qualified and motivated to whatever level and there may be an abundance of ideas, but an invisible evil force seems to smother any creativity in no time. According to Russell Ackoff, it is always the “system’s” fault when no innovation is …

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