Full Service Solutions

Product development takes time. When there is not enough time for all your ideas, we do the work – either as full service from product strategy over user research to hi-fi prototyping or in individually defined modules.

Solutions for existing teams


The target of the project is obvious! Isn’t it? Developing a clear and understandable assignment brief is everything but a trivial task. What is really the target, which constraints apply and what is the overall context? Without a clear and precise assignment no valuable product can be built. This workshop helps to kick-off a project fast and in the right direction from the very beginning.

Product Design Sprint

What do my customers want? What do they need? Does my idea solve a problem that my customers really care about? When these fundamental questions are not answered right from the start, products will be developed that nobody needs. Based on a concrete project our Product Design Sprint shows how a clear and valid picture of customers and their real problems and needs can be drawn in only 3-5 days – including tangible concept prototypes of the solution.

Product Iteration Sprint

A Product Design Sprint delivers valid, customer-centric concepts for solutions, but they are often still full of assumptions and guesses. How to proceed from there? How do I test the corresponding hypotheses while avoiding expensive decisions? The Product Iteration Sprint shows how prototypes can be tested in a lean and fast way with real customers in real environments to develop a sustainable business model step by step.

Product Portfolio Management

Product Sprints help to optimize the flow within the innovation funnel by making ideas decidable in a fast and valid way. But many companies tend to congest their funnel with too many projects and a lack of focus. Which methods are useful to manage a product portfolio effectively? What is the right balance between maintenance, optimizing and innovation? When to stop a project and when to pursue? The Product Portfolio Workshop shows simple and pragmatic solutions.