Product Management

Product development takes time. When there is not enough time for all your ideas, we do the product management. Either as full service or individually in defined modules.

Interim Product Owner / CPO

When an idea or a product does not have an owner or the product team is without lead, we step in as Interim Product Owner or CPO to ensure that everything is on track. And we help to find the right long-term employees.

Product Strategy

Without direction no successful product. We develop sustainable product missions and business models

User Research and Tests

Talking to customers requires know-how and is time-consuming. We listen to your customers from early project phases to concrete concept testing and finally synthesis results so that you can take action.

Concepts and Prototyping

There is never a shortage of ideas but which is the best? We make ideas tangible and guide through the ideation and decision making process until you have a testable prototype.

productable Product Management

Seminars and Trainings

For those who want to drill deep into specific topics, we offer the following seminars – as public training or in-house.

We also cover other topics (e.g. lean product management, lean startup, lean UX and lean user research), just get in touch via the contact form.

productable Schulungen

Product Workshops

When projects do not show the right progress, a product workshop can speed up things.


You have spent quite some time already in developing a new product or business model but it does not take off? We dig into all aspects of the project to get to the core of the problem and define the right actions to get moving again.


The target of the project is obvious! Isn’t it? Developing a clear and understandable assignment brief is everything but a trivial task. What is really the target, which constraints apply and what is the overall context? Without a clear and precise assignment no valuable product can be built. This workshop helps to kick-off a project fast and in the right direction from the very beginning.

Product Design Sprint

What do my customers want? What do they need? Does my idea solve a problem that my customers really care about? When these fundamental questions are not answered right from the start, products will be developed that nobody needs. Based on a concrete project our Product Design Sprint shows how a clear and valid picture of customers and their real problems and needs can be drawn in only 3-5 days – including tangible concept prototypes of the solution.

Product Iteration Sprint

A Product Design Sprint delivers valid, customer-centric concepts for solutions, but they are often still full of assumptions and guesses. How to proceed from there? How do I test the corresponding hypotheses while avoiding expensive decisions? The Product Iteration Sprint shows how prototypes can be tested in a lean and fast way with real customers in real environments to develop a sustainable business model step by step.

Product Portfolio Management

Product Sprints help to optimize the flow within the innovation funnel by making ideas decidable in a fast and valid way. But many companies tend to congest their funnel with too many projects and a lack of focus. Which methods are useful to manage a product portfolio effectively? What is the right balance between maintenance, optimizing and innovation? When to stop a project and when to pursue? The Product Portfolio Workshop shows simple and pragmatic solutions.

productable Workshop