Auftragsklärung Training Produktmanager

What is the target, which constraints must be taken into consideration and why should we do what at all? Without a clear mandate and alignment with stakeholders, explorative product management will end in chaos. Auftragsklärung is a simple method to get clarity as a product manager and for all affected stakeholders to know what should be built and WHY.

The 1-day training will focus on many practical exercises and cover all relevant aspects of a Auftragsklärung and especially how to align with stakeholders.

The training is not only for product managers but also for people from tech, UX, marketing, sales and customer support because no successful product is product only.


  • Background of Auftragsklärung
  • Elements of Auftragsklärung
  • Different formats of Auftragsklärungen (i.e., XING format)
  • Development and life-cycle of a Auftragsklärung
  • Stakeholder management


700.00 EUR per person net plus VAT.
Snacks, drinks and lunch included.


Min 8 to max 12 people


09:30h to approx. 17:30h


German or English


Christian Becker


Please use the contact form below to learn more and also for inquiries about individual in-house sessions.