Interview Training für Produktmanager

Sometimes it is even difficult to tell who the customer is, but it is always hard to identify real problems and needs of customers. The best way is to find out is to get in direct contact with (potential) customers by using structured interviews.

However, product managers often delegate the task of qualitative interviews to other departments or even external agencies due to lack of time and/or know-how. But how do you build great products if you just get insights in a condensed way through a third party? Every product manager should and can learn how to do qualitative interviews to make it an integral part of developing products.

The 1-day training will enable you to prepare, conduct and analyze qualitative customer interviews, so that you can easily apply this technique in your very next project.


  • Value-Partner concept
  • Interview guidelines
  • Recruitment of interviewees
  • Conduct and document interviews (Post-it-Method)
  • Synthesize data with help of Customer Journeys and Jobs-to-be-done


700.00 EUR per person net plus VAT.
Snacks, drinks and lunch included.


Min 8 to max 12 people


09:30h to approx. 17:30h


German or English


Christian Becker


Please use the contact form below to learn more and also for inquiries about individual in-house sessions.